Order modern and creative children's photos conveniently from home

You would like to have different photos of your children this year? We offer playful nursery photos without the classic printed photo album with only two different designs to choose from. We photograph your children as they are: happy, curious and cheeky. We photograph in our mobile photo studio but also outside while playing and together with the whole group. So we capture the beautiful nursery time in authentic pictures. In the end, you simply choose your favorite photos in the password-protected online shop, comfortably from your own computer or smart device.
We photograph children in our mobile photo studio but also outside playing. This includes group and sibling photos. All images are professionally edited and prepared for you in a password-protected online album. Each child receives their own personal password. This will give you access to your child's album. Here you can order your favorite photos as prints, posters, canvas prints, stickers or you can download the photos directly to your computer.
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Every child is different

Ask a child to pose for you and that photo will rarely show your child the way it really is.
Children are children and that's exactly how we want to capture them. Of course, we love smiles, but a child can also be shy and curious, that's what makes our pictures stand out.
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Fresh studio photos

In our shootings we combine authentic moments from everyday life with fresh photos from the mobile studio. Children don't need to pose and laugh like a puppet. Fun and authenticity are more important to us than  photos with perfect poses.
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Order safely and conveniently with password card

After the shoot, your child will receive a card with an individual password. With this password, you can log into the child's personal album a few days after the shoot. Thanks to innovative QR-code technology, only you can see the photos of your child, nobody else.
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Watermark to protect photos

The watermark on the photos is only for the protection of the images. If you order the photos, the watermark  will be removed. Both on downloads and all other photo products.
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Highest quality from our laboratory

The photos are developed in our partner laboratory. We use only high quality and durable materials. Our silk paper is perfect for portraits. The delivery time for most products is 2-3 days. You can download all digital files directly.
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Reinvented nursery photography

Our way of working allows a relaxed workflow from the shoot to the selection of photos.
Collect money and annoying sales by nursery staff is finished. The pictures are ordered from the comfort of your own home and so, by the way, we also protect the environment.
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About me

I am a native Dutchman, myself a happy father and a relaxed photographer with over 10 years of experience. I am always looking for the best quality. Professionalism and customer satisfaction are very important to me - but the fun must not be missed. I have already photographed more than 22,000 children.
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About Philipp

I am Philipp, 36-year-old photographer and media professional from Cologne. Taking pictures of nurseries and schools is a serious job that I do with great fun, easy-goingness and passion. In private life, I'm the father of a daughter, which is the biggest motivation for me to get better every day.

Happy customers

I take my job serious and always try to have fun. I give 200% at every shooting, so that the children have fun and my customers are satisfied. That's my promise to you. Just take a look at my reviews on (in German).


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