Wedding photos with character - anywhere you like

One of the bigger highlights in life is the promise of eternal love. You plan everything carefully to make it an unforgettable and joyful experience. Your family and friends are there and together you want to experience a wonderful day. To capture all these beautiful moments in a creative and professional way, that's exactly what I do.

I am happy to come as a wedding photographer to your civil or religious marriage and photograph your wedding day, in all its different aspects. Whether at the dressing room or the nervous waiting of the groom in front of the church: through my many years of experience as a wedding photographer, I know what is important and what I have to do to give you these precious memories.

Of course, I also take pictures of the surroundings and catch the atmosphere. This creates a complete reportage of your wedding. Every time you look at it you will experience the day in all its wonderful glory, again and again.

As soon as the date for your wedding is determined, you should already look for and book a photographer. Many photographers are quickly booked out - especially on weekends and during the wedding season. Do at least one introductory talk, so the photographer gets a good idea of ​​your personality. In the last few days before the wedding, you should briefly contact the photographer by phone in order to discuss the last details.

Is your wedding coming soon? If you want me to accompany your wedding as a wedding photographer, contact me!


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