Authentic and natural portraits - kids the way they are

Every photographer has his own style of photography. When I get people in front of my lens, my goal is to photograph them authentically and spontaneously, especially when my models are kids. Children like to be photographed when they have fun, and that's where my strength lies. My outdoor shootings with families are very relaxed, the children are often allowed to take the lead and if they need a little motivation I always have ideas to get them moving.

Portraits from A to Z

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Family shooting

Have your family photographed in a relaxed and authentic way. No stress for the kids, we just go out together on a discovery tour. The shoot takes a maximum of one hour, with many varied and cheerful pictures. I connect to kids easily because I have photographed more than 22,000 children in the last 8 years. That's how you learn their line of thought. You get all photos in digital form, in your own online album. As a rule of thumb, between 50 and 80 photos, if desired, also with several effects. Photos are in JPG with high resolution. Price starts at € 250.
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Underwater shootings

Are you a real water fanatic and do you fancy a truly different shoot? Either in the pool or even in the open water, an underwater shoot is fun. Think of pregnancy photos, in the wedding dress, as a couple or with the whole family, under the water is a completely different world. These shootings are not that easy, it is good for real water fans who are not afraid to dive. I do have lots of tips and advice to help you look good under water. You get the photos in digital form in your own online album. Photos are in JPG with high resolution. Price starts at € 300.
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Pregnancy shootings

Having children is one of the most exciting periods in your life, and this exciting time starts with your pregnancy. It is highly recommended to have your baby belly photographed professionally, either at a great location on-site or in a mobile photo studio at home. The shoot can be funny, loving, romantic and sexy, just as you like. Either only you and your belly or with your partner. The shoot can also take place in the pool, if you like being in the water. You get the pictures in digital form in your own online album, price starts at € 300.
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Artist portrait

Is your new theater show or album release coming? I'm happy to provide the footage for your marketing tour. Whether you need a simple studio portrait or a detailed reportage on different locations, just send me an e-mail with your needs and scheduling, we will contact you immediately and send you an offer after further inquiry. Also video recordings and drone shots can be supplied.
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Business portraits

Especially in business, professional portraits are extremely important, the first impression is created right there. Expressive photos of yourself, your colleagues, and your business will give clients a quicker insight and help build trust. Whether you need a managing director portrait or a complete audiovisual company presentation, we stand at your disposal competently.
Professional photo and flash equipment, creative visagie, high-quality video recordings and reliable workflows are our trademark.
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Cake smash 1st birthday

A great phenomenon from America, let your kid destroy his cake completely on his first birthday! We build a studio in your home and let the birthday child get used to it. Of course, we first take pictures of you as a family and without cake. When the important family portraits are in the bag, we present the cake and start the mess. This shoot is not only fun for the photographer! Price starts at € 350.
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For the important communion we provide professional portraits at your preferred location outside. In about an hour we will photograph the communion child in many different ways and poses. Of course also with parents and siblings, we create valuable memories of this exciting time.
As a rule of thumb, between 50 and 80 photos, if desired, also with several effects. Photos are in JPG with high resolution. Price starts at € 250.
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Sponsor photos

Your brand or company should be visible. If you have sponsored a sports team, have it professionally photographed. Whether it's water polo, hockey or a rally racing sponsorship, we're here to help.
Please feel free to contact us, we will make you an offer. Also video recordings and drone shots can be supplied.


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