Frequently asked questions

The preparation

When will you come to our swimming pool?
I come to my partner swimming pools a few times a year with 4/5 month breaks. If enough parents are interested in a shoot, it is always possible to book me as well. Just call me.

My swimming pool has no agreement with you, but I still want to have photos. What should I do?
If your swimming school still has no contact with me, then that's no problem: just suggest the idea to your fellow swimmers and the teacher and contact me. We will then find a suitable solution.

Do I have to buy photos when you come?
No. I shoot pictures without obligation to buy. After the shoot you can see your pictures online in a protected album and then choose which ones you want to buy.

How many pictures do you take?
That depends on the size of the group, the time available and the cooperation of the children. Generally I make at least 10 pictures per child, up to a maximum of 100. I take pictures on the surface and if the child wants to dive also under water.

When can I see the photos?
All pictures are first professionally edited. After that is done, the pictures are uploaded in the shop. Anyone who has left his email address during the shoot will receive an email with an access code. It usually takes about two weeks to finish the pictures.

I do not want my pictures to appear online.
I take your privacy very seriously. That's why only you get an access code for the album and no one else. If you still want your photos removed, please email me. I will remove the album immediately. Of course you can still buy your pictures. I will gladly send you an email.

What age is ideal for participating in your shoot?
I really photograph children of all ages, from 2 months to 18 years old. For small children, we know very well what they do well or do not even do. For babies from 5 months old, it's great to chase balls and ducks in the water. A baby of 3 months will not do much there. We carry out our shootings according to age and in a child-friendly manner.

My child is already 8 months old, can it still dive?
Of course, this varies from child to child. Very small babies have the respiratory reflex, as soon as it is submerged, the larynx closes to protect itself from the ingestion of water. This respiratory protective reflex is often seen in babies up to about 8 to 10 months old. It is important when baby diving to keep watching how your child behaves. If your child is very restless and clings a lot to you, then you may want to consider not letting the child dive.
The advantage of participating in a baby swimming course is that the child gets used to water and diving. The photo shootings usually take place at the end of the course, so that the children and the parents gain experience in diving.
Important for baby diving is a quiet atmosphere. Each dive should be done carefully, slowly and quietly.
In my experience, the ideal diving age is 5 months. Then the children often have the respiratory protection, are fit enough to dive (have a good body tension) and have not yet developed strong fear of strange situations and people.
Nevertheless, we photograph children in many different age groups every day. We look at the child at the moment and advise you accordingly.

The photo shoot

I do not want to appear in the photos, is that possible?
We always try to take many different pictures: from the child with mom or dad, playing with the ball, swimming through the tunnel, on a mat, etc. Of course, we also do some portraits only of your child. But the parents are often in the picture, since you have your baby in your arms.

Are the children photographed one after the other or how is that possible?
We integrate the photo shoot into the course. Already with the welcome song we start photographing. It ensures a relaxed process and authentic pictures. If someone does not want to take part in the photo shoot, it's not a problem, the course takes place as usual, simply you won't be photographed.

How can you recognize the children afterwards?
We always start with a short video at the beginning. There, the parents introduce the child. Afterwards the parents register on the iPad with the name of the child, email and mobile phone, so we can send you a personalized customer access.

What do we do if my child just cries on photo day?
You can always participate in my shootings. Since also children can have a bad day, we do not guarantee that every child will go home with great pictures. That is why the participation in our photo shootings is 100% non-binding.

I forgot to leave my email address on your iPad. How can I see my pictures now?
Simply complete the contact form. Please enter your full name, location, date and time of the shoot. To ensure that only those who have been photographed get access codes, I need a picture of you or your child for identification.

We participated in the photoshoot 3 days ago, but still did not get any customer access. Why does it take so long?
We always try to get the photos online as soon as possible. There are times when there is a lot to do and this often happens in the last 4 weeks before the school holidays. It can sometimes happen that it takes up to 3 weeks before we finish the photos.

Order photos online

I am not allowed access to my album.
You need a password for this, which has been sent automatically to you. Provided you left your email address during the shoot.

What do the savings packages look like?
The savings packages contain either 5 or 10 photos, only as a download or as a download with print. Most buy the download with all photos. This is the easiest way, because you get all photos incl. effects (not on CD but with download link, no prints included). You can log in to the album by clicking on "Customer Access". Then please click on a photo and all products including information and prices will appear.

Can individual pictures be ordered?
Yes of course. Please see downloads or prints, posters, canvases etc.

In what resolution do I get the files in the complete series?
You get the pictures in high resolution (max 5568 × 3712 pixels / 300 dpi). With it you can make beautiful prints, even large posters, canvases etc.

Why do I see a watermark in the pictures of my child in the shop?
I have to protect my pictures in the shop, because unfortunately there are people who do not want to pay for my work. Of course you get the pictures after purchase without watermark. Almost always, the images in the shop with watermarks are good to judge. It is best to click twice on the picture to enlarge it. If you are still unsure about a specific image, please contact me by phone. I am glad to help.

When can I get my pictures?
The sending of the whole series is done automatically. Directly after receipt of payment (PayPal is thus immediately, bank transfer only after release) you can download the series on your download page. An order or payment confirmation will be sent by email. Please also check your spambox.
Prints usually take 3-4 days, other products may take longer.

How can I pay?
Payment is possible via PayPal and bank transfer.

Are there any legal restrictions on the pictures I buy?
No, there are no restrictions. For the photo products sold, the rights of Arjen Mulder Fotografie pass to the buyer.

Why do we get reminders to buy?
Since all parents have a lot on their hands, we send you reminders if no pictures have been ordered yet. Like this you don't miss the discount. If you do not want any more reminders, you can unsubscribe from any email from us (you'll find a link at the bottom).

Why are the pictures all double in different colors deposited in the album?
One can't argue about taste. That's why the photos are prepared in different effects. If "Download all photos" is purchased you will also get the pictures with the different effects, as a bonus.

I need the pictures only in original color, can I get a discount now?
No, unfortunately not, since the effects are automatically generated by the shop system. We can disable them in your album, if desired. The price will not be affected.

There were still photos from the second dive, or from jumping, etc. Did they not turn out good?
We' do our best sorting out the pictures. Everything that is out of focus, has a bad composition or is not well exposed is sorted out. Of course we can also make mistakes. If you are sure that we have forgotten something, feel free to contact us, then we will happily search again.

Can I pick up the photos somewhere?
Unfortunately, we do not have a business address where we can receive customers. Most buy downloads, which are then sent perfectly over the Internet. Printed products are sent directly from the laboratory by post to the customer.

Can we place a bulk order to save shipping costs?
Since many things are automated with us, unfortunately we can not offer bulk orders. The most popular product is "Download all photos", of course there are no shipping costs.

What are the prices?
The base product that I sell is a high-resolution JPEG file for € 17.50. The complete digital series (meaning all pictures of your child, no matter how many) costs € 99,00.
In addition, there is a wide range of personalized products that you can order, such as prints, posters, coffee cups, decorations and so on. All prices include 19% VAT.

Why does a print cost 15 €? It only costs a few cents of production costs?
Yes that's right, printing does not cost much. The 15 € is our work and covers the costs incurred. It is the absolute minimum to offer such pictures cost-covering.

Why does one single photo as a download cost so much in relation to the package with all photos as a download?
If one photo is ordered from us, whether as a download or as a print, we make no profit. It only covers cost. Only if several photos are sold, we earn a profit. The price for "Download all photos" is for us exactly what we want to earn from the photos, not less, but also not more. It's a win-win situation for the parents and the photographer.

I want to negotiate with you about the price, what is possible?
I'm sorry, we have calculated our prices very thoughtfully, there is nothing left to negotiate. Please see the next question for more info.

I really do not understand why the photos are so expensive?
Since we get this question from time to time, I would like to give a little insight into the pricing.
If someone buys for 100 € photos from us, the following amounts are deducted from sales:
19 € for 19% VAT
28 € for income tax
5 € editing costs
8 € commission to service providers for the webshop (sales processing, PayPal / bank charges, etc.)
So of 100 € turnover just 40 € are left. Then there are many other operating costs such as car, insurance, telephone, internet, retirement and my equipment worth about € 20,000 much of which is renewed every 4-5 years).

We have been photographed for the 2nd or 3rd time, can we get a discount?
We've calculated our prices to be worth it for both the parents and the photographer. All orders placed shortly after upload will be discounted with 15%. Unfortunately we can not give any more discount then that.

We have several children, can we get a discount?
If you take part in the shoot with your baby, and the big brother or sister is also with you, you do not need to pay extra for it. But if there are 2 different shoots, we have 2 times the cost (staff for post-processing, travel expenses, etc.) and therefore the photos are to be bought per shoot.

I have already ordered, but still get reminders, why is that?
It happens that parents register with an email address during the shoot and use another one for the order. This way, the system does not recognize that it has already been ordered and that's why a reminder goes out. I'm sorry! If you do not want any more reminders, you can unsubscribe from them in any email (at the bottom of the email is a link).

I bought digital pictures, but I want to give them back. Is that possible?
I'm sorry, that will not work. Once the images are stored on your computer, it is impossible to take them back without making sure you have not made any copies. I kindly ask for your understanding.

I lost my photos because of a broken PC, can I download them again?
Thanks to my service provider, since 2015 we have a long-term storage solution. Just send me an email and I'm happy to look for your photos.

I was photographed a few months ago and forgot to order the pictures. Can I still order them?
Yes, that is possible. I will happily send the access code again. Just contact me.

I am having trouble downloading the entire series. What should I do?
Regarding the download of the complete series, there are some hints:
You need to download using he right download link. This was sent to you by email after receipt of payment. This email may have ended up in spam.
It is usually a big zip file with a few hundred MB. It takes a while before it is completely downloaded. The duration depends on your internet connection.
Zip files are difficult to open with smartphones and tablets. The best way to download the zip file is to a normal PC or Mac.
Some Internet browsers, especially Internet Explorer from Windows, often block the download for security reasons. Please pay attention to any messages from your internet browser. Usually there is always the possibility to allow the download.
If there are still difficulties downloading, please contact me. I can also send your photos via Dropbox.


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