Experts in underwater photography of babys and children in Germany and Spain

We would like to record daily how our babies and children grow up and learn something new. We photograph them in special moments at home, while playing or on their birthdays. During baby swimming you can get very special and unique pictures of your children. In the water, babies and children are out and about with great fun. We make authentic and unique pictures, which the children and the whole family will enjoy for a long time to come - and without any cost in advance: you will pay later only for the pictures that you would like to have.
I photograph your kids during normal swim class, both above and under water. I have many ideas but you are more then welcome to share your individual wishes and ideas. After the shoot, all images can be ordered in a password-protected online shop. The photo shoot itself is for free, you will later only pay for the pictures and prints you order in the online shop.
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Free photo shoot

I work without a fixed fee. For you, there are no costs for the shoot and later you only pay for the photos you order in the online shop. There you have a wide range of formats and products to choose from, including downloads.
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Happy customers

I take my job serious and do it with passion and dedication. I give my best at every shooting, so that the children have fun and my customers are satisfied. That's my promise to you. Just have a look at my reviews (in German):             Arjen Mulder reviews
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About me

I am a native Dutchman, myself a happy father and a relaxed photographer with over 10 years of experience. I am always looking for the best quality. Professionalism and customer satisfaction are very important to me - but the fun must not be missed.
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Free photos at recommendation

I'm always looking for new partner swim schools. For every successful mediation to a new swim school, where I can take pictures afterwards, you get your shoot including pictures completely free of charge.
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Order safely online

The shop system was developed especially for children's photography and is provided by This shop offers you the highest security standards and many options - for example, the individual selection of your favorite photos and photo products.
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Also on land

Even if it stays dry, I take pictures of your children in kindergarten and at school up to the prom ball. Just like in the water, fun and great pictures are in the foreground. For more information you can contact me. I am always open to new ideas and suggestions.


Arjen Mulder   •   Immanuel-Kant-Strasse 12   •   D-51427 Bergisch Gladbach
+49 (0)157 7666 5910